Example of filling out Form DS-160


Example of filling out Form DS-160

What is Form DS-160?

Travelers who intend to stay in the Continental United States, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, or other U.S. territories for a long period of time, such as to attend school or work, must apply for and obtain visas. However, those traveling to the U.S. for no more than the ESTA-eligible period of 90 days for tourism or noncommercial purposes do not need to obtain visas. The U.S. has adopted an online visa application system called “Form DS-160” when applying for a visa.
It is considered that the applicant’s information entered is truthful and is guaranteed by the applicant signing Form DS-160, an electronic signature system. Form DS-160 is an online application form for all applicants for nonresident visas from U.S. embassies and consulates, including infants and preschool children. If you plan to stay in the U.S. for a long period with your family, do not forget to apply for Form DS-160.

Applying for Form DS-160

If you plan to attend school, stay for a long period, or work in the U.S., you must complete a visa application interview at a U.S. embassy. Form DS-160 is required for this interview, and you will need
the barcode number shown on the Form DS-160 when making an appointment for the interview. Take steps such as printing or making a note of this number in advance.
It is said that it may take about one to one and a half hours to complete filling out Form DS-160, therefore make sure to have enough time when applying. We also recommend making a note of the ID when preparing Form DS-160. Even if the application session ends before it is completed for some reason, you can use the ID to resume entries or edit them on an incomplete application.
Since applying Form DS-160 takes considerable time and effort, we recommend saving your progress frequently so that you can edit your entries at any time.

Form DS-160 online application form site


Prepare the following when applying Form DS-160

1. The number of a valid passport with an IC chip If you plan to stay in the U.S. for a long time, check the expiration date of the passport in particular.
2. A digital file of an identification photograph Must have been taken within six months prior to the time of application, with a white background and no eyeglasses.
3. The documents required for the visa you plan to apply for Additional information that must be entered varies with the type of visa. All information entered on Form DS-160 must be in English.

Information to enter to Form DS-160

Your application Form DS-160 may not be accepted if there are any discrepancies or omissions in the answers to the questions.
Be sure to enter correct information and pay attention not to omit any entries.

  1. Full name
    Note: If you have a middle name, enter it after your family and given names.Enter a maiden name, stage name, or common name under “Other name(s).”
  2. Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Type of visa (according to the purpose of travel)
  7. Five most recent visits to the U.S.
    You must enter information (arrival dates and lengths of stay) on all of your five most recent visits to the U.S. Also enter information on past visits to the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, or other U.S. islands, as well as passage through or transit in U.S. territory.

If any discrepancy is identified during the interview, you will need to complete correction procedures

You will need to make corrections if you answered, “Not applicable” or “Unknown” to the questions above or any other questions or if, during the interview with the consulate, it is determined that your answers are unclear or inaccurate. The information needed in the interview is listed below, but in some cases other information may be required.

Full name written in your native language (e.g., in Chinese characters if you are Japanese or Chinese)

All academic history since graduating from elementary school

Address where you would like your visa to be mailed

Parents’ dates of birth and names (required even if your parents are deceased)

Monthly income (if necessary)

Numbers and dates of issue of any visas issued in the past

Name of agent if prepared by an agent

To provide multiple answers under the same item, click “Add Another” and then enter the additional information.


A maximum of 20 minutes is allotted for filling out Form DS-160. If your session has expired after 20 minutes or you were interrupted in filling out the form, re-enter the application ID shown in the upper right of the website. Also, when entering data, you can resume the process based on previous entries if you save it frequently. If your application is interrupted while you have not noted the ID or have not saved the file to your computer, you will have to repeat all the entries from the beginning. For this reason, be sure to take a note of the ID and save it frequently.

Form DS-160 entry procedures (1)

Select Tooltip Language

Select the location of your application

Enter the code displayed

Start the application process here

Select here to resume an application

Form DS-160 entry procedures (2)

Be sure to keep a record of the application ID, because you will need it to resume the process

Form DS-160 entry procedures (3)

Make entries in the order below. (You cannot skip ahead.)Personal information (1, 2) → Address and telephone numbers → Passport information

→ Travel information (purpose of visit) → Travel companion(s) (information on travelers accompanying you) → Past visits to the U.S. (information on last five visits to the U.S.) → Contact information in the U.S. → Family information: Relatives → Employment/education/training (current, past, additional) → Security and background 1-5

Form DS-160 entry procedures (4)

Select and upload your photograph

Form DS-160 entry procedures (5)

Enter your passport number

Enter the code

Complete the electronic signature and submit the form

Frequently Asked Questions about DS-160

What kind of application is ”DS-160”?

“DS-160” is an application to pre-screen qualification of issuing nonimmigrant visa to stay in the U.S.
All non-immigrant visa applicants at U.S. Embassy・U.S. Consulate General are subjected and required to submit the “DS-160” application form online. Please click “DS-160 online application form” to fill out.

From what age is “DS-160” required for?

“DS-160” is required for all including infants and preschool children. A parent or representative of the child needs to apply for “DS-160” for him/her if planning for long stay as a family in the U.S. After submitting “DS-160” online, any corrections or changes can not be made. If any mistakes or corrections were found, “DS-160” needs to be submitted one more time. Once it is filled out, please make sure to check though out the form if there is no mistake.

What are the requirements for “DS-160” application?

Please prepare following 2 items for “DS-160” application.

  1. Valid passport with IC tip
    If the expiration date of the passport is within a year, submission of “DS-160” and visa application are recommended after renewal of the passport.
  2. Digital image of identification photograph taken within 6 months
    White background, no-glasses, and image taken within 6months are valid only.

* Fill out additional information necessary for a visa you wish to have
Additional information are requested depending on the visa you apply.

A session expired while entering. Is there anything I can do?

“DS-160” application form has many to fill out, and it is expected to take about an hour to 1.5 hours to complete all the entries. Please allow yourself to have enough time when apply. If you need to stop while entering the form, keep the application ID on memo which is shown on right top of the website. By entering the application ID, you will be able to retrieve your application form to continue.

Is there any information or documents requested at the interview with a consular officer?

Followings are mandatory for the interview with a consular officer.

  • Full name written in your mother language (e.g. Chinese character for Chinese and Japanese)
  • Educational background after elementary school
  • Address where you wish a visa to be mailed
  • Names and date of birth of parents (It is required even if your parents passed away)
  • Monthly income (A person who is subjected only)
  • Previously issued visa number and date in the past (A person who is subjected only)
  • Name of the person if those required documents are prepared by agent/representative (A person who is subjected only)

Additional information other than above may be requested depending on the variety of visa and purpose of the visit to the U.S.
Please disclose specified information and/or submit necessary documents when requested.

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UPDATE : 2024/07/12