Recommended Browser


Recommended Browsers

We recommend following browsers when using ESTA U.S. Customer Service.
*Some contents may not be shown properly when using some browsers such as Internet Explorer.
Also, there are cases of un-available situations even under recommended browser depending on your PC and/or browser setting.

PC (Personal Computer)

Google Chrome、Safari、Mozilla Firefox、Microsoft Edge


Standard browser (Android 5+) 、 Safari (iOS 5+)

Internet Explorer

Our online application form is not available for Internet Explorer.
Please download recommended browser below or use recommended browser on your smartphone.

Browser Environmental Setting

  • Make SSL available on browser since we use SSL
  • Make JavaScript available on browser since we use JavaScript
  • When tab function on PC browser was used in the same time with same function by multiple tabs, malfunction may occur such as selected contents moving to the other tab. Please refrain from using multiple tabs in the same time.
  • Some contents may not be shown properly if other than OS Japanese version is used.
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UPDATE : 2024/07/12