About ESTA U.S. Customer Service


About ESTA U.S. Customer Service

Introduction to ESTA U.S. Customer Service

ESTA is required for travel to the United States

ESTA is the “pre-travel authorization system” introduced by the U.S. government in 2009 and is only available to citizens of VWP (Visa Exemption Program) participating countries, including Japan. The purpose of travel is limited to sightseeing or short-term business, and the length of stay should be up to 90 days. The CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Control Bureau) which has judication over ESTA recommends that you apply at least 72 hours before departure, so we urge you to do so as soon as you can. The official ESTA website requires you to fill out the information in English so be careful not to make spelling errors. This website provides a summary of the necessary information and allows users to fill out forms in Japanese. If you are unfamiliar with English or are in a hurry to obtain ESTA, please consider using our website.

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Aiming to provide a site that makes ESTA application quick and easy

ESTA U.S. Customer Service has served as an ESTA application specialist for many travelers. If you have any questions when applying for ESTA, click on “Inquiries” at the top of the page, enter the necessary information and your question, and send your message. Our specialized staff will check your question and respond swiftly.

A clear application form available even on smartphones and tablets

Our ESTA application form is simple and easy to read. Since the official site offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is designed for use on personal computers, those using it on smartphones and tablets may be more likely to make mistakes when entering information. We provide application pages not only for PC use but also for use on smartphones and tablets. Their large fonts and easy-to-read display enable stress-free entry of information even on smartphones with small screens.

Providing ESTA application support 24 hours/day, 365 days/year

We are open every day of the year. Since we accept applications 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, we are able to provide swift support for ESTA applications even if you are in a hurry. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the ESTA program recommends applying for ESTA at least three days before traveling. While in many cases even those applying for ESTA on the day of travel are notified of the results of their application on the same day, it is recommended that travelers complete the ESTA application process as soon as possible. Also, at times it may take several hours or even days to apply for ESTA due to periodic maintenance on the official ESTA site. In such cases, we strive to help our customers obtain ESTA as soon as possible by applying soon after the maintenance is complete.

You can correct your application if you made a mistake

If you would like to correct a mistake in the content you entered to the application form, click on “Inquiries” at the top of this website and let us know the item you would like to correct and the correct information to be entered. Our staff will check your request and quickly correct the information. In some cases, we may contact you to check on the content of your application if it appears as if your family and given name were entered in the wrong order or your name was misspelled. In addition, if you answered “yes” to even one of the questions on the application, your ESTA might be rejected, and you would be refused permission to enter the U.S. as a result. To avoid future problems, we may contact you if you answered “yes” to a question. Since the information you enter to this form is important for the ESTA application process, our staff will check it carefully for any unclear points, omissions, or errors. While ESTA applicants using this site can correct errors or omissions in their applications, those applying via the official ESTA website may, in some cases, have to apply again using the correct information. We as an company which provides ESTA application service on your behalf, we provide our customers with reassuring, comprehensive support from the moment they apply until they have obtained ESTA.

What happens if you did not apply for ESTA

If you have not obtained ESTA by the travel date, you can expect to be challenged on boarding your U.S.-bound flight. Even if allowed to board, you may be subjected to strict immigration screening after arrival at the airport in the U.S., or even, in some cases, forced to return to your country of departure. All foreign visitors to the U.S. need ESTA, regardless of age. Even babies and preschool children need to apply for ESTA, so if planning to travel to Hawaii or the continental U.S. mainland as a family or a group, check to make sure that all travelers have applied for ESTA before departure. Parents or guardians should apply for ESTA for small children and minors.

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Advantages of applying for ESTA to enter Guam and Saipan

Advantages of applying for ESTA to enter Guam and Saipan

Citizens of VWP countries are allowed to stay in Guam and Saipan for up to 45 days with just their passports and immigration Form (I-736), but obtaining ESTA has several benefits.

  • Extended stay of up to 90 days
  • Using ESTA lanes, which speeds up the immigration screening process
  • No need to submit an immigration Form (I-736)
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More information for ESTA application and traveling to Saipan, please check here.
If you have any questions regarding ESTA, please email us by clicking “Contact Us” at the top of the page.
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UPDATE : 2024/07/12